GDPR & ERP, effective from May 2018. Are you ready? 

September 20, 2017

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and E-Privacy Regulations (EPR). Hmm..? If you spend your days handling customer data or working with digital maketing, I’m sure you’ve started thinking about this. Very simplified, what you need to consider is:

– How transparent is your organisation when it comes to the contacts and the personal data you store?
– Exactly what kind of data do you store, connected to your customers, contacts and leads?
– What is the purpose of storing this data, and is it really motivated?
– When and where did you collect the information?
– For many brands and organisations, this means you will have to look into the details of how you handle your data, how you historically have generated the opt-ins for your digital marketing, and how you currently are utilizing this data. In some cases, maybe you need to generate new, and ”fresh” opt-ins, to comply with the new standards of the GDPR..?

So, are you ready?

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The internet is full of blogs, guides and articles on this topic. Here are two links I found useful:
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