MFDBAD 2: Digital communication – or, don´t be the wierdo at the party

December 28, 2016

So, now you’ve read part 1, Marketing for dummies by a dummy, we can have a look at the next part of what I and Pingbull do – digital communication.

When you miss the party – Digital absence
So, I am answering the question “What do you do, really?”, and in my last post I wrote about choosing a target group and making them see you. Now, imagine that your desired group of friends goes to a place to hang out every day after school.

For some reason, you choose not to follow them there. Perhaps new places scare you, or maybe, you just did not realise that everyone where going there – nobody ducking told you about it.

Because of this, you start to feel a bit left out even during school hours. Sure, your friends still play with you, but you notice that they have made new friends. New friends that, unlike you, has gone to this new cool place and they talk to your friends about things that you have missed. Not nice.

Now imagine the exact same situation but you are a company or an organisation. Your friends (customers) and competitors (that dork your friends have started to hang out with instead of you), have all taken the leap and gone digital while you have not. You are missing the whole digital dialogue. You are not even at the party.

Go to the party but not in dirty clothes
Or maybe you’re there but you have a very dated presence. Imagine that you go to a party in your grandmothers’ old sweater – and not in the one that has become retro-chique. Nope, the one that she used to do her cleaning in, the one that smells a bit funny. Many companies are in this situation, digitally speaking. They have a website or a digital presence, but it does not represent them in a fair way.

If you are even more unlucky, you are at the party, wearing proper clothes, but you just don´t understand how to mingle. You don´t follow the conversations going on, and you are not making yourself understood. This is quite common. Many companies tend to forget that digital communication often needs to be faster and more intuitive than what they’re used to. And even though they have a modern website, their communication and content is just too heavy-footed.

This is where we enter the scene
In my last post I wrote about how we at Pingbull help companies find the right friends and make sure these friends want to hang out with them. What we also do, is that we make sure these companies find this new cool place most people hang out at now – the great interwebs. We see to it that they behave in a proper manner when they get there and, that they look darn good while at it. This is done via websites, email campaigns, content, online quizes, and so on.

So, 1500 words later, this is what we do, really.
Thanks, patient people who got through to the end (Hej, mom and aunty!).